Securing And Hardening Linux

Securing && Hardening
Traducido Literalmente Asegurando y Endureciendo.
En este Caso Linux/Unix
En Terminos computacionales segun la Wikipedia.

“In computing, hardening is usually the process of securing a system. This work is especially done to protect systems against attackers. This would typically include removal of unnecessary usernames or logins and the disabling or removal of unnecessary services.

There are various methods of hardening Unix and Linux systems. This may involve, among other measures, applying a patch to thekernel such as Exec Shield or PaX; closing open network ports; and setting up intrusion-detection systems, firewalls and intrusion-prevention systems. There are also hardening scripts and tools like Bastille Linux and Apache/PHP Hardener [1] that can, for example, deactivate unneeded features in configuration files or perform various other protective measures.”

Bueno despues de tanto choro mareador.
Les dejo aqui un Articulo Muy Bueno sobre

Happy Hacking

Mas adelante trataremos de escribir ya articulos editados por nosotros mismos. Y no tener tan abandonado.

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